FL TSA State Officer Team

Florida TSA State Officers

President - Aubrey Glover


Aubrey Glover is a junior at Wharton High School and is your 2021-2022 Florida TSA President. Previously, Aubrey has served as your State Reporter in charge of communications and social media. Now he has stepped up to the role of President to make another fun and exciting year for every member. This year would be his 6th year in TSA and his favorite events include Chapter Team, Problem Solving, Leadership Strategies, and many more. His most memorable part of TSA is all the friendships that have flourished because of this organization. Aubrey is enthusiastic to have an amazing and successful year with all of you.

Vice President -


Ronan Bray is a senior at Southeast High School, enrolled in the IB program, and is excited to serve as your 2021-2022 Florida TSA State Vice President. He has been involved with TSA consistently for 6 years, competing in events varying from Debate Tech, Future Technology Teacher, and Technology Bowl. His other interests include board games (right now it’s Gloomhaven and Scythe). He is also involved in many other clubs at school consisting of NHS, SkillsUSA, and Speech and Debate. He hopes to continue his studies and go to school for Business. Ronan hopes to bring his unique leadership style to the board and hopes to make this year at Florida TSA the best year yet!

Secretary - Manasi Prasad


Manasi Prasad is a junior at Seminole High School, enrolled in the IB program, and is excited to serve as your new 2021-2022 Florida TSA State Secretary. She has been involved with TSA consistently for 3 years, competing in events varying from Forensics, to Board Game Design, even to Music Production. Her other interests include the arts, such as painting, drawing, and even piano. She is also involved in many other clubs at her school consisting of Key Club, Model UN, and the Red Cross. She hopes to continue her studies and take the Pre-Law path in the future. Manasi hopes to bring her new skillset to the table to help bring the most success to FLTSA; she is excited to be a part of the new team and have an amazing year with you all!

Treasurer - Andrew Krywko


Andrew Krywko is a Junior at Southeast High School, currently in the IB Program, and is ecstatic to serve as your Florida TSA State Treasurer. This year will be their 6th year in TSA, and some of their favorite events include dragster, chapter team, electrical applications, and tech bowl. Outside of TSA, they also compete in Speech and Debate, where they competed at the CFL National tournament last May. They are also a member of their school’s A-team, as well as the local Scout troop. At home, they enjoy playing bass, guitar, and piano, having played them for 2 years, 2 years, and 8 years respectively. They are also involved in Jiu Jitsu, and hope to continue their involvement in it beyond college. As the current Manatee Regional Vice President, they have experience in TSA leadership, but hope to learn and accomplish much in the coming year.

Reporter - Keirsten Hecht


Keirstin Hecht is a sophomore at Palmetto High School. This is her 5th year in TSA and some of her favorite events include: Children’s stories, forensics, chapter team, and career prep. She also is part of the Palmetto High Basketball team, Flag team, AICE Program, and Biomedical program. Keirstin hopes to one day become an orthopedic surgeon or a pediatrician, and is first aid and CPR certified. She also enjoys her favorite shows Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Good Place. As well as drawing and many other crafts, she loves to draw with pastel and fun colors! Keirstin’s dream for TSA is to do her absolute best as a Florida State Officer and make this year amazing!

Sergeant at Arms - Emily Paraboschi


Emily Paraboschi is a junior at Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School and is a part of Dunbar High School’s TSA chapter. Emily is an early admissions student at Florida Southwestern State college and aspires to go into the field of orthopedics. Since middle school, TSA has been a huge aspect of her life as she enjoys STEM and a good competition. Emily’s favorite event is Biotechnology Design, as she can dive deep into the developing medical technologies throughout the world and portray her findings to other people. Some of her hobbies include playing piano and guitar, as she loves music, skateboarding, and playing video games. She also has a great love for animals and is always surrounded by them. Emily loves to find ways to not only benefit herself, but the communities around her. So this year, she has taken the challenge of being a FL TSA State Officer to lead the TSA family through a great year!

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