Below are the event coordinator lists.  These lists are constantly being updated, and may be changing daily.  Any events highlighted in yellow and listed as TBD currently have no coordinator.  Advisors: if any of these events fall under your area of specialty or interest, or if you know someone who has the qualifications and would be interested in coordinating, please contact the state conference manager, Aubrey Hudson.



  • Due to conflict of interest, middle school teachers may only coordinate high school events.

  • High school teachers may only coordinate middle school events.

  • If you are not a middle or high school teacher, either level is open to you.

  • You may not coordinate an event if someone related to you is a participant in that event.

  • You may coordinate more than one event, however, please keep in mind that your event(s) may have an additional time commitment – like extended judging time, or judging time on a different day.