Dress Code

TSA has a dress code for all conference events and activities.  Advisors, parents, and chaperones are responsible for ensuring all TSA student members are in proper attire.

Purchase all of your official TSA attire, including pins, patches, and ties, through the National TSA store.  They also have casual apparel and non-apparel products that can be imprinted with your school or state logo!

Attire Overview


  • Shirt/Blouse: official TSA shirt, royal blue
  • Pants or skirt: gray
  • Socks: black or dark blue (males only)
  • Shoes: black dress shoes (unacceptable: athletic shoes, army boots combat, or work boots)
  • Sandals: females only may wear black open-toe shoes or sandals


  • Blazer: navy blue with official TSA patch
  • Tie: scarlet red imprinted with official TSA logo (males only)
  • Shirt or blouse: button up shirt with a turned down collar or a polo/golf shirt; however, the official TSA shirt (royal blue) is preferred.
  • Dress skirt or pants (unacceptable: jeans, baggy pants, exterior pocket pants, shorts)
  • Socks: black or dark blue (males only)
  • Shoes: dress shoes or dress boots (unacceptable: athletic shoes, combat, or work boots); females only may wear black open-toe shoes or sandals
CASUAL ATTIRE (least formal)
  • Same as General Session Attire, OR appropriate t-shirt, shorts, and jeans.

For ALL conference events and activities, participants must be in casual attire at a minimum.  Since adults (advisors, parents, alumni and guests) serve as role models at TSA conferences, they are expected to dress appropriately for all related occasions they attend.  Please note: all guests, including children, who attend the national TSA conference must comply with the TSA dress code. No flip-flops, halter tops, tank tops, or shorts are permitted for anyone at the general sessions.

During general sessions, student members must wear competition attire, with blazer and tie if applicable.  Adults are expected to dress appropriately.  TSA contestants must refer to the National TSA Conference Competitive Events Guide (CEG) for specific attire requirements for individual events.