State Officer Team

2023-2024 Florida TSA State Officers

Officer Pictures Coming Soon!


President - Keirstin Hecht

Keirstin Hecht is a senior at Palmetto High school. She's been involved with TSA for 8 years and has previously served on the Florida TSA State Officer team as Reporter and Secretary. Her favorite events in TSA include: Forensic Science, Career Prep, Children's Stories, and Fashion Design. Outside of TSA, she participates in the Palmetto Marching Tigers Regiment as a Color Guard Captain. She is involved in Palmetto High School’s AICE programs and hopes to graduate with Bright Futures Scholarships and AICE diploma. She had been in the Principal of Biomedical Sciences program for three years and is a hopeful white coat recipient. In the future she hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon or something related to the medical field. Keirstin is so excited to go out with a bang in her last year of TSA, she's never been afraid to stand out and hopes to help members be themselves no matter what!

Vice President - Jaansi Parsa

Jaansi Parsa is a senior in Dunbar High School’s IB program and is so excited to serve as the 2023-2024 Florida TSA Vice President! She has been involved with TSA throughout all of high school, competing in events such as Future Technology Teacher, Debating Technological Issues, and Software Development. Outside of TSA, she enjoys teaching STEM to elementary and middle schoolers, competing in and coaching math teams, and figure skating. In the future, she plans to work in the field of computer science and continue to support her community. TSA has taught and inspired Jaansi in so many ways, and she is extremely grateful for the opportunity to give back to this amazing delegation!

Secretary - Nicholas Sevarino

Nicholas Sevarino is a senior at Southeast High School’s IB program and is ready to serve Florida TSA as their FL TSA Secretary! He’s been in TSA for 3 years and enjoys the Biotechnology Design, Architectural Design, and Digital Video events! Outside of TSA, he is the captain of the competitive swim team and member of the TV program. He gives tours around his school and enjoys finding new challenges to take on however possible. He has several certifications in the field of engineering, such as his CSWA certification and his associates degree in Microsoft. In the future, he plans to enter the world of medicine and become a neurosurgeon to help better his community through practical applications of biotechnology. Nich is extremely excited to get the gears of Florida TSA turning and working towards building our amazing delegation to greater heights!

Treasurer - Sarvagna Sangaraju

Sarvagna Sangaraju is a junior in Middleton High School’s magnet program. Serving as this year’s FL TSA State Treasurer she is beyond excited to be able to represent this amazing delegation. Being involved in TSA throughout her entire high school some of her favorite events include Chapter Team, Architectural Design, and Engineering Design. While TSA makes up much of her life she also loves playing board games, sightseeing and cooking. You can also find her participating with her school’s math team and Student Government. Sarvagna hopes to pursue her interests in computer science and economics after graduation. TSA has helped Sarvagna meet so many unique people and make forever lifelong memories. She is so grateful for this opportunity to serve and hopes to contribute to the continuing growth of Florida TSA!

Reporter - Joey Blankenship

Joey Blankenship is a senior at Middleton High School STEM academy. She is currently enrolled in the magnet program studying engineering. She has been active in TSA since middle school and loves the family aspect of the association, along with the good competition. Her favorite event is Chapter Team because she thinks of it as a game of parliamentary improv with her fellow teammates. Outside of TSA she is the captain of her school's Volleyball and Track team and holds the school's javelin record. Some of her hobbies include musical theater, Disney, roller skating and painting. Joey works at Dinosaur World teaching young children about various fossils and gems. After serving in numerous officer positions for her school chapter, she has taken on serving as your 2023-2024 Reporter to represent this fantastic delegation!

Sergeant At Arms - Mason Engelsberg

Mason Engelsberg is a senior at Lakewood Ranch High School, a second year dual-enrollment student at the State College of Florida and is thrilled to serve as the 2023-2024 Florida TSA Sergeant at Arms. This will be his 5th year in TSA and his favorite events include Biotechnology Design and Debating Technological Issues. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, cooking and dog training. Currently completing his Associates of Arts degree in Finance he will continue his studies and hopes to attend law school to become a corporate attorney. Mason is very excited to spend his final year in TSA serving the members and the great delegation that is Florida TSA!