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All updates on this page are applicable to the 2021 state conference and beyond. If an update is no longer applicable it will be removed from this page.


State Conference Updates


Florida TSA Board of Directors met today for a regularly scheduled meeting.  After a lot of discussion, a decision was made to only hold a virtual state conference in 2021.  This means there will not be any in person events at DoubleTree Universal Orlando.  All events that we offer will be held virtually in accordance with the Virtual Events guide published by National TSA.  A Conference Package with details will be published by the end of November.  Expect a similar timeline as past years with registration due by the end of January and competitions at the end of February.  Winners will advance on to National TSA's virtual conference.
We hope everyone stays safe and healthy,
Justin Lauer
Executive Director, FL TSA



For Photographic Technology II, due to time and space constraints, we will only be running the 24 hour on site challenge. Students will be expected to create a presentation with all required information included in the 2021-2022 rules guide. Editing period time must be completed in this 24 hour period. Students will be interviewed following the presentation. See draft matrix, DLG, or program for scheduling.



Tech Bowl and Chapter Team exams will be Thursday morning from 7 am- 9 am. All other exams will be from 8 pm-10pm.  Please remember that your entire team MUST be present to sit for all exams.



All Digital Photo entries must be turned in on a flash drive on Wednesday night in the same format as listed on the CEG for online submissions. Hard copy portfolios are subject to disqualification.



Due to time constraints CAD 2D and 3D will not have an interview component.



The Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Theme is for the National TSA Conference.  The purpose is to compete at the state conference with national rules and bring the same projects to the National TSA Conference.  The intent for static display projects is for a team to complete one project per year per competition.



The following events have online submissions due prior to the state conference at the time stated in the conference packet.  All other events that have been specified as an online submission per the competitive events guide will be turned in Wednesday night of the state conference on a USB flash drive.
Events due prior to the state conference:
Website Design I
Webmaster II
Video Game Design I
Video Game Design II

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