New Florida TSA State Conference web page!

Welcome to the new Florida TSA State Conference web page! As your 2015, and now the 2016 State Conference Manager, I have listened to your comments and feedback — and found that a dynamic, centralized location for communicating all information pertaining to the State Conference would be helpful to new Chapter Advisors, as well as seasoned veterans. Advisors will still receive emails with relevant updates and deadlines, however, the same information will be mirrored on this new page for those who prefer this option.

The links to the 2016 Florida TSA State Conference Guide and updated Schedule Matrix are now LIVE (as of 11/18/2015), and available to download through the fixed buttons on the left hand side of this page.

FL TSA Annual State Conference Online Registration will open the end of the this week, and the link is provided below, on the icon above State Conference Registration. 

Although currently “under construction,” please bookmark this page and refer back to it often! We have some exciting updates planned to help better facilitate the sharing of information. Future updates to include:

  • Updated 2016 Event Coordinator Spreadsheets
  • Folder with Documents & Forms Library to include: individual Competitive Events Guides for all Middle and High School Events, 2016 Themes and Problems, and Competition Updates.
  • Additional forms will also be provided, such as the Judge Form, Level III & IV Accommodations, Policy and Procedure Contract, etc.
  • Browser Notifications for Safari, Chrome, and limited support for Firefox. Opting in to browser notifications will allow you to receive instant notifications of State Conference updates when your internet browser is open.
  • Responsive Calendar
  • Forums (we’re still exploring this possibility)

If you’d like to share any feedback or ideas regarding the new State Conference page, please note that my email has been updated to; I also welcome all your comments, questions, and concerns regarding the upcoming conference.

~ Jennifer Bremner, 2016 FL TSA State Conference Manager

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