FL TSA State Officer Team

2018-19 Florida TSA State Officers

President - Christina Cunningham


Christina Cunningham is a Junior in the Theatre Department at Lakeland Sr. High School. She has five years of TSA experience, attending 10 conferences both at the State and National level. But beyond her competitive achievements, Christina recognizes her people-oriented connections as the most valuable outcome of her TSA endeavors. These connections inspired her to pursue her dream of serving as FL TSA President. Her goal-oriented personality helps her create effective teams and organize activities. Christina's can-do attitude is cultivated by TSA’s many team projects. Throughout her many conferences, she has competed in many events but Debating Technological Issues, Children's Stories, and STEM Careers are her favorite events. She encourages others to join TSA and be a part of the community that she loves. Aside from TSA, she is an active member of her Thespian Troupe, French Club, and NHS. Having been involved in 18 productions, she loves the stage, and everything involved in the production process. She loves to challenge herself and pursue the arts while still seeking rigorous coursework. She often paints and sculpts, as well as digitally designs art. She is passionate about TSA and looks forward to working on behalf of the Florida TSA Delegation!

Vice President - Luke Haas


Luke Haas is a stand-up guy from the Osceola County School for the Arts. He is currently a senior and has been involved in TSA since 7th grade when he was introduced to the world of technology through this extraordinary organization. Though Luke claims he is the most incredible dancer there is, the state sergeant at arms is far better. In all seriousness, Luke has put forth countless hours towards TSA and continues to devote much of his time and passion towards bettering this organization for generations to come. As the 2018-2019 Florida state vice-president, he hopes to implement chapter guidance programs, aiding chapters in endeavors from expanding membership to fundraising. He also strives to enhance the running of the membership committee and help make the greatest leadership and state conferences on record.

Secretary - Mica Chua


After building her own chapter from the ground up at Heritage High School as a freshman, Mica is excited to test her leadership skills as the Florida TSA 2018-2019 State Secretary. With her growing passion in public speaking, she frequently helps to expand our delegation with her constant recruitment. Aside from TSA, she takes officer positions in SGA, NHS, Model Student Senate, and her Class of 2021. She shows her love for serving the community through her 200 hours of mentorship to the Southwest Middle School chapter. As a dual enrollment student at Eastern Florida State College and a Cambridge Diploma student at her high school, she actually plans to pursue a career in the law field and recently switched her major at the college from biomedical science to political science. Overall, Mica strives to contribute as much as possible to not only the State Officer team but the entire state delegation as well. She hopes to do this by utilizing google hangouts to communicate to local chapters and assist the other officers in completing all their goals and promises.

Treasurer - Kashyap Sreeram


Kashyap Sreeram, a junior in the IB program Seminole High School (Sanford), embarked on his TSA journey after founding his own chapter and serving as its President as a freshman, Seminole County’s first TSA chapter. Kashyap lives and breathes TSA; his passion for this organization has soared to huge heights. You can always find him giving presentations about TSA at school events or working to plan fundraisers and events for his local chapter. Kashyap enjoys the challenges thrown his way by being a part of this amazing organization and feels that it has truly made him a better leader, critical-thinker, and taught him the importance of teamwork. His favorite competitive events include Biotechnology Design, STEM Careers, and Technology Bowl. Aside from TSA, Kashyap loves to keep himself busy with a rigorous IB and AP course workload in school and engages himself after school as part of the school’s Academic Team, Vice President of Model United Nations, a member of the Junior Class Council and Mu Alpha Theta. Furthermore, outside of school, Kashyap has been an Indian Classical singer for 12 years, is a black belt in Taekwondo, and enjoys playing tennis. Kashyap aspires to go into the field of biochemistry and eventually become a neurosurgeon, currently participating in research to reach that goal. As your 2018-2019 State Treasurer, Kashyap hopes to truly redefine the financial structure of TSA and use all the skills he has gained from TSA to help boost local, state, and national (ACS) fundraisers and connect chapters through a common financial system. He is very enthusiastic to serve you all as part of Florida TSA!

Reporter - Collin George


Collin George is a senior at George S. Middleton High School in Tampa. After two continuous years of serving his chapter, Collin is continuing his work now as your State Reporter. When he is not snapping a picture or on his computer, Collin loves to compete in CAD Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Transportation Modeling. Outside of TSA, Collin puts on his Field Uniform and serves his family and community as a six-year Boy Scout. Through all of the ranks, Collin has donated his time to food banks, other Boy Scout Troops, and to his school during his Eagle Scout Project. As your State Reporter, Collin will connect the State Officer Team to the Florida delegation and inform his delegation of what you can do to grow your chapter.

Sergeant at Arms - Sarah Belli


Sarah Belli is a sophomore at Sarasota High School and is going into her 5th year of TSA. TSA has been a part of her life since she went to a state conference with her brother in 5th grade. Every conference, leadership, state, and national, has brought new experiences, memories, and life lessons she will never forget. Over the years, she has placed in several events at both state and national conferences. Throughout her 4 years in TSA, Sarah has competed in a total of 11 different events, each giving her new challenges to face. While all of these were unique to her, Sarah's favorites are Essays on Technology, Fashion Design, and Inventions and Innovations. Outside of TSA, she is a competitive dancer and has recently started playing tennis. Participating in these events has given her valuable time management skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Sarah is known to set high standards for herself and to do everything she can to meet those expectations. As the State Sergeant-at-Arms, Sarah hopes to engage with the entire delegation and meet everyone she can as she looks forward to an amazing year.

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