Fluid Power Action Challenge!:

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Link to Purchase Kits for Fluid Power Middle School Event


Paying it Forward Through Mentoring:

An Article by Ebe Randeree


Money Available!

Middle School Grant for Fluid Power Action Challenge


2020 State Conference:

Information and Registration


2019-2020 Student Officers:

  • President - Michaela Chua¬†| Heritage¬†High School
  • Vice-President - Kashyap Sreeram | Seminole High School (Sanford)
  • Secretary - Sarah Belli| Sarasota High School
  • Treasurer - Christian Knuth| Sarasota High School
  • Reporter - Bunmi Soremi | Seminole High School (Sanford)
  • Sergeant At Arms - Adonis Lysandrou II | Celebration High School


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